Must not be THAT insecure.. Yes, show us your thighs in those short shorts. Show us your pinch test exposing exactly how much fat is there. Put yourself to shame, while half of the world is starving. Children, mothers, and men who starve to make sure their family is fed. The personality of this woman is ugly, not the body.


When a girl calls you ugly:


When a boy calls you ugly:


Good entertainment

Emma Watson & Daniel Radcliffe Together Again!

Reblogged from mabecb Emma Watson Daniel Radcliffe Together Again! photo 1 A few hours ago it was confirmed that Emma Watson was chosen to play the role of Ariel in The Little Mermaid. But that’s not all! Prince Eric will be played by Daniel Radcliffe! This new production of Disney’s animated classic is planned for release in 2015 and will be a live action telling filmed digitally in 3D. How do you feel about seeing these two actors back together in a blockbuster?  



Love stopping to reapply lipstick! lol

She’s a classy slut.

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Do you know what to do?


They had it coming!

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Alegrate Harley…

Recuerda que eres mi unica Sirenita…

Capitulo 46 “EL PESCA - RIE”

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